DCMburner 6.1.4

Solution Overview [Download Manual]
The DCMburner Software is a product that provides automated disc burning capabilities to easily create stunning CDs or DVDs for referring physicians or patients. The appliance uses a disc publishing robot to uniquely label discs. Published discs can include the full-fidelity images, DICOM DIR, Html pages, multiple viewers, Profiles, Web Access, AES 256bit Encryption, Drag&Drop, Windows 8 ready, Touch Screen compatible and more.CD, DVD Discs
Automatically package exams on CD or DVD discs. Each of these discs allows you to store approximately 700MB or 4.7GB respectively.

Saves Money
CD’s and DVD’s are a cost-effective alternative to film. Most exams can easily fit on a single CD or DVD and each disc costs much less than a single piece of film.Disc Publisher Robotics
Support for industry standard robotic disc publishing robotic hardware from EpsonPrimera and Sony UPB-C10. These robots hold blank discs in one or more input bins. When a job is submitted, the CD or DVD disc is automatically picked up and placed into the burner drive. Once burning is complete, the disc is placed in a labeling printer.

Professional-Quality Customized Discs
Each disc surface contains patient demographics permanently labeled to the disc surface. Discs can be labeled with just text, text and logo or photo-quality artwork.

Simple to Use
Discs can be created through the Intuitive User interface. Select Patient and click the “Burn Disc” button. Or users also have the ability to automatically burn disc’s simply by sending data to a pre-determined AE title. After data is sent to the burner, the exam is automatically created and burn on disc.

Multiple Viewers
You have the ability to automatically include multiple viewers. Windows, OSX or Linux based.

Key Features:
Low cost alternative to duplicating films
Intuitive User interface turns novices into experts in minutes
Receives and stores DICOM images onto a custom labeled CD/DVD coming from a DICOM-network
Touch Screen Ready
Windows 10 compatible
Drag&Drop Dicom files
AES 256bit Encryption
Dicom Query/Retrieve
Burn studies from your web browser
Burn studies automatically as soon as it is received
Build-in MySQL Service
Build-in Webserver Service
Disc Spanning for large Studies
Automatically remove Studies after publishing
Easy enable/disable the Web Module
Export to Folder or USB
Include new Weasis Viewer
On-demand disc creation and labeling directly from modality workstations
Physicians have access to multiple studies on one single CD/DVD.
Automatically generates a DICOMDIR root file and HTML, and can be stored on each produced CD or DVD
Print dynamic information such as Patient ID, Patient Name, Study Description, Institution etc.
Studies can be conveniently viewed from disc on a workstation using one or more DICOM viewers or specialized viewers