New release DCMburner 6.1.4

New features
• Build-in MySQL Service
• Build-in Webserver Service
• Disc Spanning for large Studies
• Automatically remove Studies after publishing
• Easy enable/disable the Web Module
• Export to Folder or USB
• Include new Weasis Viewer

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Our Company

Introducing Sup-C: Pioneers in Radiology Software Solutions for Over 25 Years

At Sup-C, we have been harnessing our expertise in radiology software development for more than two decades, providing tailored solutions for medical professionals and institutions. From seamlessly connecting DICOM-compatible devices to crafting bespoke software for radiology and pharmaceutical applications, our focus lies in developing innovative medical software solutions that cater to your unique needs.

Our specialization in DICOM and HL7 protocols ensures the delivery of high-quality, industry-standard solutions. Our continually evolving suite of in-house developed software, including DCMburner, DCMprinter, DCMimport, and DCMworklist, is designed to meet the ever-changing demands of the radiology landscape.

We take pride in our commitment to client satisfaction, offering remote installation services and customization options to ensure that our software solutions align perfectly with your specific requirements.

As we continue to grow and expand our global reach, we are actively seeking new customers and distributors for our software products. We invite you to connect with us without any obligation, and explore how Sup-C can elevate your radiology practice with our cutting-edge software solutions.

Our standard software

DCMburner – Streamlined Disc Creation for the Radiology Industry

DCMburner Software is a state-of-the-art product designed to simplify the process of creating professional-quality CDs or DVDs for referring physicians and patients. This innovative solution employs a disc publishing robot to apply custom labels to each disc, ensuring a polished, professional finish.

Our DCMburner Software offers a wide range of features to enhance the disc creation experience, including full-fidelity image support, DICOM DIR integration, HTML pages, compatibility with multiple viewers, customizable profiles, web access, AES 256-bit encryption, and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

With DCMburner Software, you can effortlessly produce sleek, personalized discs containing high-resolution images and relevant medical data, providing an impressive and efficient means of sharing vital diagnostic information with healthcare professionals and patients alike. Elevate your radiology practice with the power of DCMburner Software, and experience the ease and convenience of automated disc creation today.

DCMprinter – Transforming Your Windows Computer into a Paper DICOM Print Server

Say goodbye to costly film printing with DCMprinter, a revolutionary solution that turns your Windows computer into a paper DICOM print server. By harnessing the power of DCMprinter, you can provide patients and referring physicians with high-quality hardcopies of their studies, using a standard Windows paper printer.

DCMprinter seamlessly receives images from DICOM modalities and prints them with photographic quality in color or grayscale, offering a convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional film printing. This cutting-edge DICOM printing solution not only saves resources but also streamlines the process of sharing vital medical images with healthcare professionals and patients.

Upgrade your radiology practice with DCMprinter and experience the benefits of efficient, high-quality DICOM printing on paper. Embrace the future of medical imaging with DCMprinter – the smart choice for paper-based DICOM printing.

DCMworklist – Streamlined Data Transmission for Enhanced Radiology Workflow

DICOM Modality Worklist is a game-changing solution that facilitates the automated transmission of patient demographic and exam planning information from Hospital Information Systems (HIS) or Radiology Information Systems (RIS) to multiple modalities. This innovative technology streamlines the imaging process by ensuring that digital recording equipment receives all relevant patient information to be stored within the digital images.

With the DICOM Modality Worklist, technicians no longer need to manually re-enter patient demographic data, thus reducing the risk of errors and saving valuable time. The worklist guarantees that information stored in the HIS/RIS is directly sent to the modality through an automated, reliable transmission process.

This standardized approach is supported by nearly all manufacturers of digital DICOM modalities, ensuring seamless integration within your radiology workflow. Enhance your radiology practice’s efficiency, accuracy, and patient care with the DICOM Modality Worklist – the smart solution for automated data transmission in medical imaging.

DCMimport – DICOM Patient Data Import with Reconciliation Workflow Integration

DCMimport offers an advanced solution for integrating DICOM patient data from external enterprises with your local radiology practice. By establishing a seamless flow of information, DCMimport ensures the efficient importation and reconciliation of patient and procedure data while preserving the original data’s integrity.

The Reconciliation Workflow Integration Profile in DCMimport specifies transactions that maintain consistency between imported data and local enterprise information. This allows for the effective use of imported DICOM patient data in the same manner as data generated within your local enterprise, including reporting purposes.

Experience a new level of efficiency and data consistency in your radiology practice with DCMimport. This innovative solution simplifies the importation process and promotes the smooth integration of external DICOM patient data, helping you deliver timely, accurate, and high-quality care to your patients.

DCMrouter – Sup-C has developed the intelligent DICOM router. This software automates the distribution of DICOM studies to Dicom C-Store compatible devices. DCMrouter automatically simultaneously re-route study data to multiple DICOM nodes with the confidence that data will be accurate when it arrives.

DCMizer – DCMizer software gives you the opportunity to import Bitmap or JPeg images into your pacs or for testing the Dicom network. Fill-in your study information, select the images and send it to your Pacs network. DCMizer is not intended for diagnostic use, but for adding documentation it can be very useful. DCMizer is freeware.